Key insights on Cervical Masses! 

Key insights on Cervical Masses

Cervical masses are a medical condition characterized by the presence of abnormal growths in the neck region. These masses can vary in size, shape, and consistency and may be caused by a variety of medical conditions.  There are several reasons why cervical masses may form, including:  ● Inflammation of the lymph nodes;  ● Benign and […]

Branchial Cyst: Everything You Need to Know! 

Branchial Cyst

The branchial cyst, also known as branchial cleft cyst,, is a congenital malformation that develops during embryonic formation. It arises from residual tissues of the branchial arches, structures that form in the early stages of fetal development and are related to the formation of the upper airways.  But how do they manifest?  Typically, as painless, […]

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